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A message from your PTA President :

    WOW!  I don’t know what else to say but Awesome!!!


    Tonight was only the second Reflections Award Ceremony I ever attended since my child started George Wolf, and let me say, I was so moved to be part of it tonight instead of an on-looker and so impressed by all the work Lisa King did to make this program a success.   I never realized, until this year as President, just how much time and effort go into making this program work from start to finish.


    Lisa King, our Reflections Chair, did a wonderful job putting this Award Ceremony together to say the least. Her devotion and dedication to such a huge project just moves me; how well planned out and coordinated it was. Superb job!!  I can’t wait to see what see does at the Region Level!!!


I also got to see all the winning entries and I must say they were very good.


    The children, really touch my heart also tonight.  To see them come up on the stage with Lisa, Mrs. Ginther and myself to accept their awards all bright eyed and with huge smiles on the face; it was very touching.  And why shouldn’t it be, because that is what it is all about, the students!!!  Congratulations to all the winners!!!


    I know there are others who also helped out with this ceremony and played a big part in helping this program come to life, like Mrs. Gerhart, Mrs. Meade and Lee Van Horn with the in-school projects done in art class, so that all children had a chance to enter.  They did a terrific job as well.


    I am sure there were more who helped, but I don’t know who they were behind the scenes, but I want to say thank you to all of you too.


    I was very proud to be a part of this celebration tonight.


    Josephine Vine

    PTA President