Each year George Wolf PTA awards two graduating high school seniors with a PTA Scholarship Award. The applicants must fill out a questionnaire and provide information that the PTA President had requested. This year I asked that the students please be alumni of George Wolf Elementary, that the applicants have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and a rank between 1 – 150. I asked them to provide an essay and let us know what college they plan on attending, what their major will be if known, and where do they see themselves in 5 years.

    We had 28 applicants apply for the scholarship. All applicants did a wonderful job filling out the forms and I very much enjoyed ready their essays; which by the way were all terrific. All of these students had well laid-out plans for college and it was fun to see where they felt they would be in five years. It was a very hard decision, to chose just two winners, because they all did a fantastic job. So after much deliberation myself, Fran Shehab and Mrs. Ginther finally managed to pick the two winners. 
    Now that school is officially over, I am very please to announce the names of the two recipients of the PTA Scholarship in the amount of $300 each.

                                                                The awards went to: 

                                        Eric Dunker and Koppany Jordan

                                                Congratulations to both our winners!!!


Josephine Vine

PTA President