Teacher Information Corner

Teacher Reimbursement was established by the PTA as a way to get supplies and classroom materials to enhance the educational experience of all students in the classrooms of our school.  If you wish to be reimbursed by the PTA, we ask that all teachers and staff please submit the Teachers Reimbursement Form and attach all receipts to that form. The form should be put into an envelope and addressed to our PTA Treasurer. Checks will be issued in a timely fashion. We ask that you have patience while we process your check, as we are all busy volunteers.

 Before you submit your request for reimbursement, please make sure to follow these instructions!! Click Here

Receipts MUST accompany all requests.  

    Please submit receipts along with a Teacher Reimbursement form to the attention of the PTA TREASURER.

     PTA mandated “rule of thumb” is: How does this educate a child? Please ask yourself that question when you’re in doubt of getting reimbursement. It is our hope that the purchase of these materials will be an enhancement of the curriculum you teach.

Click Here for the Teacher Reimbursement Form 

The PTA hopes that every teacher will become a member of our PTA. It shows that you support us in our mission. We hope that you feel that we support your mission of teaching our children. 

Need a PTA Membership Form? 

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